Customer Testimonials

We were looking for something easy for the whole family to understand. I coach softball and stay busy. I need to step up as the dad and take time for the family in the Bible instead of the junk on T.V.

Ben & Deanne

Not only for children but for adults to get excited about getting into the Bible and studying the Word. Very important that you spend the time reading the Bible. Not video games, but something that will follow them all through life. Not stuff that will pass away. What we put in our minds is what we become.

Billy & Goldie

I have spent hundreds on clothes, junk for the kids, or for amusement. However, this is
something I can do every night with the kids, and it will really help us with reading the Bible together. I’m all for anything that brings the family together.

Jason & Marie

My kids really knowing God is the most valuable gift I can give them. Having a solid foundation to face the world and make a difference.

Russell & Jenia

To use with the grandkids. To use for personal Bible reading because this makes the Bible come alive and is easy to understand. Never seen anything this nice in quality.

Bob & Ann

I want to have as much of a spiritual influence on my grandchildren and great
grandchildren as I can. I don’t want to give them cash that they’ll just spend or some gadget that is out of date as soon as I send it. Hopefully it will help the parents as well as the kids. I really like the Bible accuracy.

Dorothy (bought 27 sets)

I wish we could have had the Bible in stories when my children were growing up, but I
am glad they will now have this tool in their hands for my grandchildren. The Bible in Stories appeals to adults and children alike and is ideal in going chapter by chapter through the Bible.

Larry & Linda (bought 6 sets)

How easy it will be to read and understand. Well worth the price – worth more.

Joe & Robin

We are simple people, we have simple questions and reading the Bible can be confusing. This will lets us understand for ourselves. It’s an investment.

Sam & Colleen

Been in church my whole life, but it’s hard to understand the Bible sometimes. My son will be able to relate and understand that they aren’t just fairytales, but they are real.


These will be easier to understand because the pictures will bring it to life as we read. The reason we don’t read more is because we don’t understand. This will make me more confident in sharing and talking about it. Give us family time and long-term this will stick with us.

Ritchie & Jenny

I can read them because they are broken down to where I can understand them. Read them with the grandkids because one hour at church is not enough and I want to make sure they know God. These will help me in my influence with the other kids in the neighborhood and community.


I am a tough critic of any reading materials that come into my house. I have not been disappointed. How could my family not love the books, and for once in my life, there was no buyer’s remorse. I’m excited to use these volumes for many years to come.

Jason & Megan

Family devotions were an important part of my family growing up, and I have great memories of those times. I want my kids to have the same memories and even greater. We remember and learn by pictures and we are completely confident in the accuracy of the Bible In Stories. It presents so many stories that our other Bible storybooks did not.

Mark & Lori

Your child’s eternity is the most important. Use to teach the kids and myself. 16 year old son liked them because they are organized and he can find topics that he’s looking for. The 13 year old daughter said that it was easy to find stuff with a big smile on her face.

Trey & Lisa

A good learning tool. Not only do you have the pictures to see, but it’s a quick, organized reference tool. I hope this will help us establish a set family study time to long-term pull us together more as a family. As well as pull us together spiritually.


The topical index covers a lot of the issues we’ve been dealing with – technology, lying, envy, jealousy, peer pressure, and making right decisions.

Randy & Tammy

It will educate both of my boys, even being six years apart. It will give them interaction together. Give the kids self-confidence so when a problem comes up they can look up the answers. Teach consequences.

Mark & Shannon

My boys can look up things for themselves. LOVE the pictures. Most of the time we are all going our separate ways. This will give us the glue we need. LOVE the discussion questions. The 18 year old was excited to be able to “search through the Bible on his own now in an easy way. The 15 year old said that this would teach you a lot about anything, the index will let you find anything”


Easy for the girls to understand, even without reading. Give them a rounded out Bible knowledge with so many stories. So many times Bible story books are based on the high points and these cover everything in between.

Mark & Jenni

We go to church – but that’s not enough. We need to do it more at home, especially now with school starting. My husband and I had just talked about what we needed to do and where to find a tool like this. This has more stories, plus the topics to teach on.

B.J. & Brandy

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